How to Clean Your Makeup Brush – Fast & Easy

clean makeup brush

Cleaning our makeup brushes is something we often don’t think to do. Makeup brushes do a brilliant job disguising all the grime and grease from previous use that has inevitably built up within the bristles. The fact is, each time we use our makeup brush, it eagerly picks up dead skin cells, sebaceous oil, dirt, and sweat that gets buffed into our skin with each new application.

Without this realization, we discontentedly look into the mirror and wonder why our skin appears so cakey, and why we’re breaking out into irritated pimples. Therefore, we make a desperate effort to conceal these imperfections with even more makeup, when that dirty makeup brush could very well be the culprit!

So before you touch that filthy brush to your face again, give it a good cleaning with these easy steps:


1. Run the brush through hot water to sanitize the bristles

Is your makeup brush applying acne?

2. Use a drop of gentle shampoo and rub it into the bristles in a circular motion.

Is your makeup brush applying acne?

3. Rinse out the brush with hot water by squeezing the bristles from the base upwards. At this point you should be able to see the old makeup rinse out into the drain.

4. Squeeze out all excess water, and prop it up to dry out (preferably over night). While it’s drying, mold the bristles tightly together in order to maintain its softness and original shape.

 makeup brush

5. Once it’s dry, fluff it out by rubbing it in circular motion over the back of your hand (less oil).

makeup brush

6. Repeat every 1-2 weeks, or whenever you feel it’s been exposed to a little more dirt and grime than usual!

Is your makeup brush applying acne?makeup brush

The top photo shows my brush before washing (you can see the makeup built up), and the bottom photo shows it after washing – soft, full and clean, just how I bought it!

You now have yourself a good-as-new, hygienic makeup brush that will keep your makeup looking fresh, face looking polished, and skin free from irritation and dirty brush-induced acne!

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