Vaseline: The Biggest Beauty-Bang for Your Buck!

Vaseline beauty

Before you sprint out the door en route to your ever-anticipated vacation, don’t leave the house without this essential, beauty-rescuing product that will save you room in your luggage and in your wallet!

This may be the biggest budget-loving, multi-tasking product I will ever mention (and that’s a lot to say – most of the products I mention do such).

It’s your skin’s life-long companion, Vaseline!

Here are 6 remarkable reasons why Vaseline should have a special place in your travel bag:

1. It’s a fabulous sunburn-soother after baking in the sun all day, and acts as a humectant to trap in moisture that your ever-parched skin desires. Rub on dry knees, elbows, chest, and sunburned areas for instant, lasting relief.

2. It makes an incredible eye cream at night to coat and deeply moisturize the fragile skin around the eyes. There is a reason why the iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe used Vaseline on her face all her life!

3. It’s one of the best makeup removers. Slick some over your eye makeup and watch your face and eye makeup melt right off, while the slick nature prevents your skin from getting pulled and tugged.

4. It’s a soothing lip balm for parched, dehydrated lips that have been dried by the heat of the sun.

5. It rescues parched, sandal-scuffed heels. After a long day of your feet falling victim to the scorching hot sand, sun, and sandals, rub Vaseline on your heels before bed, put on your favorite cozy socks, and wake up with baby-smooth soles that look beautiful in those new strappy shoes!

6. It encourages eyelash growth. I can personally testify to this one. A few years ago I put Vaseline on my lashes each night before bed and my eyelashes were certainly the longest they have ever been! Before bed, slick a small amount over the front and back of your lashes and at the base of the lash line, and have a reason to bat your eyelashes every chance you get!

Can one product get any better than that? I think not. At $4 for a big jar, there is no better product that enables real beauty on a budget like this one!

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  • Reply
    Marlene Chaikin
    March 29, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Can anyone tell me is the NEW Vasoline Spray & Go is gluten free? I have Celiac Disease and want SO badly to be able to use this product. I use Vasoline daily but with the warm weather coming up I need something that is not greasy as is the pretroleum jelly. Can you help????

    • Reply
      by Ashley Burke
      August 3, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      I would call the manufacturer before using it if you could be allergic! Sometimes reading the ingredients online alone will not be sufficient, especially if you would have a severe reaction. They cannot legally mislead you if you contact them directly :)

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