The Lead-Free Lipstick: Preventing a Poisonous Kiss

Ever heard that old phrase “the kiss that can kill?” With the way that lipsticks are manufactured, that phrase may not be too far from the truth. In order to manufacture lipsticks cheaply and in abundance, cosmetic companies allow for high levels of lead content to sneak into their products, as the cheap ingredient that deposits a lovely hue on your lips more than often contains this poisonous culprit. With prolonged use, these high amounts of lead, which can be accidentally ingested or absorbed into the bloodstream, have been shown to cause cancer. Some drugstore lipsticks, like Maybelline and Revlon, contain high levels of lead (see the amounts of lead in different lipsticks here). Because of this, finding lipsticks that are safe for both your lips and internal health are certainly worth the splurge!

My pretty pick: Clinique Different Lipstick in “Think Bronze.”

This lipstick is flattering on all lips, and all skin tones! The micro-shimmers reflect the light to give lips a fuller, rounder appearance, and the color lasts through the day and even through a meal!

Of course, you must know by now that this is not why I love this lipstick so much. This lipstick is so wonderful because it’s among the few lipsticks that are both paraben-free and lead-free, and contain emollients castor oil and avocado oil, and antioxidants Vitamin E and C (you can see the ingredients here).

Although this lipstick is certainly not the cheapest, it is pivotal that something as frequently worn and absorbed as lipstick should be not only nourishing, but also toxic-free. Safety + beauty is something I certainly believe is worth the extra bucks!

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