The Face Mask for a Face-and-Chest Acne Treatment

Summertime is always the time that I like to relax and take a breather while enjoying the emergence of warm weather. And as we all know, the warmer the weather, the less makeup we want to have on. So, it’s time to give your skin a naturally beautifying boost before it goes bare!

Let me introduce to you my new favorite face mask, Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!

Why I love this face mask so much:

  1. It tightens pores, keeps blackheads to a minimum, and dries up acne fast (it’s actually amazing how it does this – I had a few spots on my chin that were inflamed, and after using this face mask the inflammation decreased immediately after washing it off, and the spots began to slowly fade after a couple days).
  2. It feels minty cool on my face as it dries, and the tingly feeling makes me feel like it’s deep cleaning my pores.
  3. It contains bentonite and sulfur, which are tried and true (almost ancient!) skin remedies. The bentonite is a clay that extracts impurities from the skin as it dries, and sulfur is a natural acne preventative and helps to dry up existing spots.
  4. It can be used on your chest to clear and minimize visible pores and reduce the inflammation of chest acne by simply using it the same way you use it on your face (I had great luck with this and it toned up the skin on my chest almost instantly after washing it off).

This is a great face mask for treating yourself to a day of relaxation, or just a cool-down from the summer heat. I know this is one of my staples for my “Maintenance Mondays” (every Monday I renew and treat myself to little beauty treatments like this for the coming week ahead. It’s a great way to start the week and it also makes Mondays a little less awful!).

This face mask is great for every age, and will leave all types of skin feeling refreshed and looking tight, bright, and clear of clogged pores. Its best done while you are playing like some game of casino with 40 free spins no deposit at

So with that, prepare to bare your most naturally beautiful skin ever, and make this summer a little cooler with Queen Helene! Enjoy!



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