Miracle Mask of the Month

green tea face mask

May I introduce you to the face mask of the month: Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask!

This mask is one of my very favorites, and is available at select Walgreens and on Amazon. This face mask is the perfect relaxer and rejuvenator, and always delivers when I need a little getaway from life’s stresses. Sudden Change Green Tea Mask rests on the skin beautifully, provides a cooling and tingling sensation, and gives that wonderfully cliche’ retro face mask look as a bonus – bright green! I know I sound like an infomercial, but this stuff is the real deal.

The base of this mask is bentonite, a clay texture that actively draws out impurities in the skin, necessary for your facial to work its detoxifying magic. Infused in this mix is green tea extract that permeates the skin with a rush of antioxidants, perfect to restore and revitalize tired skin cells.

The application process is simple. Just apply an even layer to your entire face (avoiding eye and lip area of course), let dry until it feels tight and dry to the touch (usually about 5-10 minutes), then rinse completely with cold water to seal the pores. This is a great mask to do two times a week, or whenever you need a little face relaxation vacation.

Every time I use this mask my skin glows! My favorite time to use it is after a hot shower, when my pores are open and my skin welcomes a little cooling stress relief.

So take some time for a little getaway from the everyday grind and indulge your skin in a little green tea goodness!

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