How to Remove a Fake Tan Gone Wrong – Fast!

remove fake tan

Ever since high school, I’ve been in hot pursuit of the perfect fake tan. Always aware of the dangers of tanning via the sun, I tried just about every name-brand and off-brand fake tanner you could think of; some of which worked well and some of which were obvious fake tan failures. I went through stages of being orange, brown, red (that was weird), and golden; most of which caused me horror and panic in desperate attempts to remove such a “semi-permanent” color. After much practice, and much trial and error, I finally can teach the art of how to remove a fake tan gone wrong fast –  in less than a day. 

Whether your fake tan is a spray, mousse, lotion, or gel, all fake tan products do just about the same thing to your skin: they contain a sugar that reacts with the top layer of the skin to darken it with the product’s own proprietary tint (some of which are much better than others.) So, the goal of successfully removing an epic fake tan gone wrong is to loosen the very top layer of skin upon which that fickle fake tan lies.


1. Prepare your skin by soaking in a hot bath for at least 30 minutes to loosen the top layer of skin upon which your fake tan resides.

2. While still in the bath, exfoliate the skin with baking soda by rubbing a handful in circles around the areas of concern. If the fake tan seems to stick, rub with a moderately abrasive loofa or brush.

3. Immediately following, shave with shaving cream and a razor over the loosened skin. You should be able to see your former fake tan flake off into the razor at this point (so make sure you clean out your razor if you plan to use it again!).

4. After the bath, while the skin is still moist, moisturize with a thick, fragrance-free lotion to avoid skin irritation after exfoliation.

With this  fake tan-banishing regime, not only will that horrid orange hue be no longer with our website, but your skin will feel smoother and softer than it did before! So now that you’re in need of a tan again, learn how to apply a beautiful fake tan worth keeping in my review on the miraculous St. Moriz here!

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