Danger-Proof Your Summer: The Sunscreen Spots You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Before you head out for your summer vacay in the sizzling sun, make sure your sunscreen doesn’t miss these important areas that are most commonly skipped! Turns out, these frequently missed spots on the skin are places that skin cancer could occur – so take some time out of your sunny day to to give them the protection they deserve!



  1. Back of the neck: this area is frequently missed as it is out of plain view, and sweat is most prone to this area, washing away any of the sunscreen previously applied.
  2. Ear/back of the ears: although this area seems shaded by the natural crevice of your ear, the sun still finds its way when reflected off surfaces like sand and water.
  3. Top of the feet: typically, sunscreen is most inadequately applied and re-applied to this area, as the feet are exposed to abrasive mediums such as sand that eagerly strip away any sunscreen.


  1. Top of the head: this is an area that seems safe enough, as it is inherently protected by hair, although the sun still finds its way through any lovely locks. To prevent this, spray a light mist sunscreen over the top of your head ten minutes before sun exposure. Not only does it protect your scalp, but it also protects hair color!
  2. Eyelids: many skip this, as it seems that facial perspiration may cause sunscreen to get in the eyes. By allowing the sunscreen on your eyelids to dry 25 minutes before sun exposure, this will diminish the sunscreen-in-the-eyes effect.
  3. Lips: this is easily skipped, as sunscreen on the lips is uncomfortable and tastes disgusting. Choose a lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher, and re-apply throughout the day.

My recommendation for sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock, SPF 70,
and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Body Mist, SPF 45, as they both are non-greasy and are dry to the touch minutes after application.

Keep your skin happy and healthy this summer, and pay close attention to these areas for the safest, sunniest summer possible!

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