Clinic Q&A with Leslie Escalante, PA-C

Epionce skin care anti aging

Hey beauties!

I’m excited to introduce to you a new section on my website called “Clinic Q&A” where I will be asking the pros (dermatologists, medical spas, P.A.s, orthodontists, and more!) all the questions you want to know about skin care and other beauty interests!

The first Q&A session will come from my partnership last year with the medical spa, Balanced Health and Beauty in Austin, Texas, where I got to sit down with the beautiful Leslie Escalante, PA-C and owner of the medical spa and ask her all types of questions about what she does in her office and what she recommends we all use.

As we’re coming out of the summer season and into fall, we’ve all probably gotten our fair share (or not so fair to your skin!) of sun’s UV rays. So, I thought it would be appropriate to ask her to tell me all about her take on sun damage, and what we can do to prevent it! Enjoy!

Clinic Q&A with Leslie Escalante, PA-C

Q: What does sun damage look like? How can you tell if you have it?

Leslie: Sun damage is clinically referred to as solar lentigenes or hyperpigmentation. This is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. Most people refer to these patches as freckles or age/liver spots. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin. Hyperpigmentation can affect the skin color in any skin type.

Q: What do you do at BH&B to lessen the effects of sun damage and how effective are they?

Leslie: The complex process that creates this discoloration can be addressed synergistically with a combination of effective natural organic ingredients to suppress new melanin production and with laser photofacial treatments that can pull excess melanin from the skin so that it is exfoliated away in a short period of time. Optimally, you want to improve barrier function of the skin while reducing inflammatory factors which is the key to successful long-term visible reduction of irregular pigmentation.

Q: What products do you recommend that are best for decreasing the appearance of sun damage?

Leslie: Some of the most common prescription skin lightening products are typically combined with a harsh delivery systems that can damage the skin barrier and cause irritation, compromising long-term results and this leads to inconsistency with their use due to the skin irritations.
A daily skin regimen, combined with consistent use of the Epionce Melano Corrective System, is the perfect solution for long-term improvement and brightening of unwanted discoloration. This system suppresses all 14 pathways for melanin production and is very effective in preventing future hyperpigmentation. When coupled with laser phototherapy the results for a more even skin tone can be accomplished very quickly and maintained for a long time.

Q: What’s your recommended drug store pic?

Leslie: If I were to pick an over-the-counter product for skin lightening, it would be Malederm. Meladerm Skin Lightener is loaded with natural ingredients such as kojic acid, bearberry, niacinamide, gigawhite, alpha-arbutin, licorice root (very calming), mulberry, lemon juice and emblica. These ingredients suppress the production of skin pigment, thereby decreasing the intensity associated with discolorations, hyperpigmentation and acne marks. Meladerm Skin Lightener is completely natural and safe for our skin due to the absence of harmful ingredients. It can be used for several months without worrying about any side effects.

I learned SO much from sitting down with her picking her brain – you can probably imagine how much fun I was having! I got to try all the Epionce products she recommended – and let me tell you they are pure luxury on the skin. I do a lot to my skin and have tried a lot of products that are successful in making my skin glow, but the Epionce products in particular made my skin look so good (especially under makeup) I would get numerous compliments a day on my “glowing” skin. This is definitely a game-changer splurge that you can trust!

Epionce skin care anti aging

Epionce products are sold exclusively to physicians and other licensed skin care professionals, so to purchase the products Leslie recommended, visit to learn more about each Epionce product.

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