Banish Blackheads: The Steamy Solution

blackheads biore

In this blackhead-banishing routine, I want to introduce one of my very favorite skin care products that I have found extremely effective in removing blackheads. This product is none other than the wonderful Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, sold most inexpensively on Amazon. This product feels minty-cool and refreshing on the skin, and SERIOUSLY delivers when used in this steamy regime:


1. Boil a pot of water until it releases dense, moist vapor. Once at a rolling boil, remove from heat completely and place the pot on a pot holder away from the stove. Position your face directly into the steam (but a good 6-8 inches away from the pot!).

banish blackheads

2. Create a tent with a bath towel over your face and the pot, allowing the steam to penetrate each pore. Continue for 10 minutes.

banish blackheads

3. Immediately after steaming, while your face is still wet from the steam’s precipitation, squeeze a bit of Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub and gently rub on your skin in circular motions, focusing on the blackhead areas.

4. After exfoliating, rinse with cold water to tightly re-seal the pores, and follow with a light moisturizer like Neutrogena Oil Free Sensitive Skin to act as a sealant to the skin.

My favorite part about this regime is the Biore scrub. This is a product that definitely makes your skin look the way it feels. When used, it feels tingly-cool on the skin and gives a deep-clean feel – a good clean that seriously delivers!

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